Green Grameen Microfinance Foundation

The major terms and conditions of the loan products offered by GGMF are given below:

  1. Women Members: All JLGs shall be formed comprising of poor women in rural and urban areas and within the boundary of the branch offices.
  2. KYC Documentation: As per the KYC Policy of the Company, all members have to provide copies of Ration Card and photo Identity Card for availing the loan products of the Company.
  3. Membership Size: The membership of the each JLG shall be 6. In no case, the minimum number of members in a centre is 18 and the maximum number of members shall not exceed 30.
  4. Processing Fee: Processing fee of Rs. 300 shall be payable by each member at the time of loan disbursement.
  5. Centre Meeting: The centre meeting of the JLGs will be facilitated by GGMF staff every weekly where the instalment amount will to be collected by GGMF/ CSP staff.
  6. Joint Liability: The members of each group cross guarantee the loans borrowed by the other members in the same group.
  7. Loan Disbursement: All loans are disbursed at the GGMF Branch Offices. After identifying the borrowers with their photograph identity cards in the presence of their Centre Leader, the loans are disbursed by cash.
  8. Borrowers shall come in person: At the time of loan disbursement, all members who have applied for loan shall compulsorily be present at the GGMF Branch Office, for receiving the loan amount.
  9. Passbooks: A passbook will be issued to the each member detailing the amount of loan, date of instalment, principal and interest amounts payable till the completion of loan account, rate of interest and insurance charges.
  10. Duration of Loan: The duration of loan will be as per the loan product availed by the customer.
  11. Income Generation Program Purposes only: GGMF sanctions micro finance loans only for supporting and enabling the members for undertaking the Income Generation activities. Other loans are for their specific intended purposes alone.
  12. Repayment at Centre Meetings: All the members shall repay the loan only at respective centre meetings conducted every weekly. Receipt (Collection Sticker) will be issued by the Relationship Officer to the members.
  13. Utilization of Loan Funds: The assets purchased / created if any, would be verified by the field risk officer on a random basis.


  • ID/Address proof: Voter ID card / Bank passbook copy / ration card / gas bill etc.
  • Photo of self and husband/nominee
  • Membership application form
  • Loan application & sanction form
  • Demand promissory note
  • Loan passbook