Green Grameen Microfinance Foundation Target Clients

Indicators of different wealth Rank Categories

Very Poor Poor Borderline Non Poor
Housing Small Kuccha(Thatched Houses) Small Houses Either Kaccha or Mixed (Tin) Medium Size, Usually mixed or Pucca (Concrete) Mostly Large, Pucca Houses
Assets NO Major Assets Basic Utensils Only Marginal Land (<1 acre) few small animal, cot, radio and cycle Small (1-5 acre) Land Holding, 1-2 milk cattle, Small animals, B&W TV, fan, bicycle, radio, some furniture and old two wheeler Large(> 5 acres) land holding,>2 Milk cattle, Tube-well, TV, Phone, Fridge, Motorcycle, Car
Food Security Usually One meal a day basic cereals only Just able to manage two meals a day- but Variable Two(2) meals in a day but sometimes faces problems for few weeks Regular Family diet - (2 meals/day and quality items.
Income Source Low Paid Casual Wage Labour, Single Earner Regular Wage Labour, One -two earners Seasonal Business, Low Paid Jobs. May sometime depends on Skilled wage labour Assured regular Income E.g. Established business or high pay jobs
Poverty Line Below Above : May Slip into Poverty sometime due to Income Shock Above